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Australia has many RTO’s or registered training organizations which are authorized to provide VET training services for students. VET stands for vocational education and training The training courses are generally of high quality and nationally recognized. All registered training organizations should be certified or registered under the ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) or the concerned regulatory body.

To provide training and conduct courses on the VET sector, the registered training organizations should adhere to the quality standards defined by the Australian quality training framework. The VET sector includes courses in multiple fields like occupational health and safety, hospitality, soft skills training and multiple other areas.

To become a registered training organization, the institute or college may need to follow a set of guidelines which and formulated by the concerned regulatory body. The certifying body should be convinced based on the data provided as part of the application that the institute is competent enough to conduct the courses by maintaining all the mandatory quality requirements. The following conditions need to be passed or followed at a high level to complete the registration process successfully.

  • Apply to ASQA or the concerned authority with all the necessary documentation
  • Complete the assessment process successfully
  • Meet all the necessary criteria and obligations required
  • Pay the necessary fees and other charges applicable for the registration process

The RTO intending to get registered should provide the below details during the registration process

  • Courses and mode of training intended to be delivered
  • Areas of fields in which training will be imparted
  • Level of qualifications that will be issued post successful completion of the course

Once an RTO is registered, they need to always adhere to the designated guidelines without fail and also do the needful to renew the registration periodically as per the rules and regulations.

RTO providers give the highest quality training as part of their curriculum and are expected to meet a high level of standards consistently. They are also in constant touch with the respective industries to ensure that the latest technologies, skills and topics are all covered as part of the course syllabus.

The qualification levels provided as part of the RTO certification include

  • Cert I, II, III, IV course certificates
  • Diploma and advanced diploma
  • Vocational graduation

Many institutes are present across different states in Australia which are registered training organizations. The count of RTO’s in Australia is expected to be more than 4000 and are all registered with the concerned authority. The list of RTO’s in the country is also listed on the official websites so that people can look them up and get themselves enrolled based on the choice of location, quality of training, courses offered and multiple other factors.

Vocational education and training are applicable for people before and after employment. Those joining for the courses would include fresh students who are looking to build their career and expertise in a specific field based on their interest, employees who are already working in the area and want to develop their skills further, people who have taken breaks from employment and looking forward to rejoining service.

Students and aspirants who plan to undertake vocational education and training courses are usually planning to develop a specialization in a specific area or skills. In some cases, the students are people who are already employed in a field and are looking to enhance the skills and capabilities further for better career prospects and opportunities.

The training, qualifications and certificates provided by the RTO’s meet national standards and hence carry a lot of weightage. It also creates employment opportunities for the certificate holders based on the area of specialization.

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