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Magento is an eCommerce platform built on open source technology using PHP language. The platform is used extensively across the software industry and helps clients to design their online stores with features like catalog management, SEO optimization and multiple other tools. It also helps people to design online shopping cart systems with control over the look, design, functionality and content of the application.

Being an open-source platform, it is available for download without any cost and free of charge. It also provides the flexibility to customize the platform, extend and configure the platform based on the specific needs and requirements of the clients. The platform is also supported by a growing community of users and professionals.

Magento was developed by its founders to support online merchants in using open source technology to build their eCommerce platforms and achieve business goals. The company was later acquired by Adobe as part of its strategic growth and development plans. The platform is developed using PHP programming language and also uses the Zend framework and model view controller architecture. Magento uses MySQL as the relational database language and includes the schema and tables as part of its installation package.

Knowledge of other languages is also essential to work with the Magento framework. While technical capabilities in languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript and others can help in the design and front-end development, back-end functions require knowledge of PHP language.

With the ability to build huge and complex eCommerce systems of the highest quality, learning Magento is always an asset for a technical professional working in the eCommerce space. A lot of skill and effort is required to learn Magento from a holistic perspective and become an expert in the area.

The role of magento developers revolves around building an eCommerce store from scratch. It can also be about maintaining and improving the existing website that is already developed using the platform. Some of the common responsibilities performed by magento developers included

  • Installation and setup of the magento platform
  • Performing necessary configuration required to create an eCommerce website
  • Integrating the platform with other third-party applications based on requirements
  • Working on improving the performance and availability of the website
  • Monitoring the platform and ensuring software and security patches are regularly updated

Many eCommerce web development company in Melbourne provide support and expertise on the development of online stores using the Magento platform. The companies help the various clients to build customized applications with great user experience online and additional integration of features like the point of sales, payment gateways and other systems. Different clients willing to build online stores make use of the expertise provided by the companies who are into eCommerce application development using Magento.

The online stores built using the Magento platform have given the clients a great footprint in the world of online business and helped them to develop and expand their businesses by providing a wonderful customer experience with the applications developed using magento and related technologies.

With its amazing capabilities and solid features, Magento has been instrumental in helping a lot of aspiring businesses, entrepreneurs and other businesses to establish their presence in the online selling space. The flexibility offered in the ease of integration with other solutions, customization of the platform and installing extensions has also made it one of the go-to options for building new online stores in the eCommerce space.

Aspiring clients can reach out to one of the highly rated and capable web development companies specializing in the magento platform for their online store requirements. With the choice of magento as the option for building an online eCommerce store, success from a technology point of view can be quite guaranteed to a good extent.

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