Chatbot the perfect Customer Support Application

Chatbot technology is a technique by which specially designed software applications can have real-time instant messaging conversations with people using artificial intelligence features embedded into the application. The applications have instant message conversations with human beings via text, speech or both.

A chatbot is a computer program designed to engage in conversations with human beings through different types of messaging applications. Users communicate with these applications or tools through voice or text. The applications are designed with great inbuilt intelligence to understand the common questions posed by the users and provide answers to them accordingly.

The development of chatbots is done normally using artificial intelligence and native language processing methods. Some simple attributes of chatbots that are beneficial from a business perspective are

  • Ability to engage in a conversation with the human client through a messaging platform and providing the basic necessary support
  • Usage of artificial intelligence techniques to perform the actions expected
  • Support different kind of businesses by doing the functions of virtual assistants

Chatbots generally either use machine learning or operate with a definite set of guidelines

A chatbot that is well designed can handle the below actions:

  • Respond to queries from different clients on messaging platforms
  • Use existing data to understand the type of questions being asked and provide answers
  • Continuously improve the quality of answers being provided to queries

Two common classifications of chatbots are based on the type of technology used to develop them and their ability to engage in conversations with the clients

  • In the first type of chatbot, the guidelines are fed into the application upfront based on the type of questions that are expected. The application is designed and programmed such that a definite set of questions are asked by the chatbot to which customers need to provide appropriate answers in a specific manner. When the answers are received correctly, the purpose of the conversation is met and the end output is successfully achieved.
  • The second type of chatbot uses machine learning and is based on artificial intelligence. Here the usage of AI and neural network techniques which are similar to a human brain help the chatbot to understand the questions and provide answers accordingly. The program works on improving its level of understanding over time and tries to find answers of better quality for the questions that are posted.

Technology has advanced to the extent that machines and software applications have been designed to replace human beings for performing certain tasks like customer support and other types of conversations. Businesses start thinking about the usage of technology when the volume of queries happens to grow and are not feasible to be handled by manpower which comes at a higher cost. Below are some of the businesses where chatbots are used to perform tasks originally handled by human beings.

  • A lot of traffic directed to the websites is handled by chatbots to provide a good customer experience and engage efficiently to translate visits into orders and business.
  • Provide inputs on the cases which can potentially translate into business. The initial information collected by chatbots can prove vital in deciding whether to approach the client further or not
  • Sharing more detailed information to customers about the products than what a documented reference can provide (which the customer may no longer be interested in as the content cannot be improved beyond a level).

Customer support chatbot is a rapidly growing technology with an established presence in the customer service segment of every industry and business. It has grown to the point that people don’t realize that they are talking to a chatbot since the quality of service provided is phenomenal and almost equivalent to what human brains offer.

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