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Pay per click is an advertising model used commonly these days to generate business for a product or brand which is sold on the internet via eCommerce websites or other portals. The model is about displaying advertisements on the internet which are designed to obtain user attention and every click on the advertisements takes the user to the configured page on the advertiser’s website. Every time a user clicks on one of these advertisements, the advertiser is expected to pay the publisher an agreed fee. As the name explains itself largely, the payment is usually a fixed value for every click on the advertisement.

Below is the high-level sequence of actions involved as part of PPC advertising on the internet.

  • User or company want to sell their product or brand on the internet
  • Nice and catchy advertisements are prepared by the company that wants to place an advertisement for its product. The company is referred to as the advertiser in this context.
  • Advertising companies work with PPC agencies to do the necessary software work for getting the advertisements as part of search results on online forums like Google, Facebook, yahoo, bing etc.
  • The advertisements are configured to be displayed based on the keywords used for doing an online search of a product by the user. Commonly used keywords are selected when doing the configuration
  • When the user does a product search on the internet, the advertisements are displayed along with the search results
  • User is tempted to click on the advertisements when it contains information relevant to the search
  • On clicking the advertisements, the user is navigated to the appropriate page in the website of the advertiser
  • User shall then browse on the advertiser’s website and potentially buy the product which generates revenue for the advertisers
  • Whenever users click on the advertisements, a fee will be charged by the publisher which needs to be paid by the advertiser to the publisher (E.g. Google)
  • Payment for the advertisements is made by the advertiser to the publisher and it would depend on the total no. of clicks on the advertisement (as the fee is usually a value agreed per click on the advertisement)

The ultimate goal of the advertiser is to get more business by running these promotional advertisement campaigns and market their product on the internet.

2 key elements involved in the exercise of pay-per-click advertising are the features of the product and the identification of the appropriate keywords against which the search results should display the advertisements. The choice of keywords carries a lot of importance and hence should be selected sensibly and smartly.

Advertisers engage with the ppc agencies to create advertisements, define the keywords and have the advertisements displayed as part of search results on the search engine web pages. The advertisements are strategically positioned to get the best attention of online users.

Pay per click advertising model is usually offered by the search engines like google and bing. If the marketing strategy is well defined and executed, the PPC model is a good initiative that can help in the growth and development of online business. The quality of the product and user experience with the website to which the user is redirected when clicking on the advertisement also has an important role in the success of the campaign.

A regular assessment of the strategy adopted by measuring the trends and other results can also help in maintaining the effectiveness of the campaigns and making necessary adjustments depending on the market situation and other factors. Overall, PPC advertising is a wonderful tool to generate new business, establish a connection with the user base and expand in the world of online sales.

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